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Manetabolism Plus


This stuff is freaking amazing! I wish I would have known that this was going to make my eyelashes grow longer, cause I would of taken a before picture. I have never had long/thick eyelashes and I've always admired anyone who did. Well I was just about to drop some eye drops in my eye when I noticed that after almost 1 month of taking Manetabolism. My eyelashes are longer!! I am so excited! Thank you, thank you!


I can attest to the Vitamin K for the scalp — I have always had patches of tender irritated scalp areas. I have been taking these pills for 3 weeks and already my scalp is better. No tender spots and I have had them constantly. My hair is thicker and just feels better.


I had breakouts with every other hair vitamin Iv'e ever taken except for this one. It is actually clearing my skin up. Others have made my nauseous before. I love absolutely everything about this vitamin!


My hair has never been this healthy!


I love it! It's almost time for my second bottle. My hair sheds much more less than before. I'm so grateful for you and your husband's expertise.


My vitamins have actually been helping my hair, skin, and nails, and I noticed my hair grew over an inch in 2 weeks of me taking them.

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When I purchase the green tea and carrot mask and felt the consistency I thought it was a joke thinking thicker is better but this mask prove me wrong since I started using the mask my hair became more manageable and less breakage the best part of using the green tea carrot mask my hair is so soft and not dry and brittle.

Q Pye

For a long time, I've had this idea of what ingredients I wanted to see in a product, the benefits it offered, and the results it would produce. As soon as I saw the potential in this deep mask I knew it would be the one. For the quality ingredients and what it offers, it is well worth the money. My curls were so soft and silky when I rinsed under the sink. I wasn't happy with the deep conditioners on the market and/or the prices attached to them, that I would rarely deep condition due to the fact I knew it wasn't doing much for my hair. This deep mask is definitely a staple. I look forward to using it every time. Every 2 weeks is torture! But well worth the wait.

Arielle W

This IS the new creamy crack! I've been following @courtneynaturalhair on Instagram since about January of this year. I've been seeing her posts and updates about these products before they were even released back in March and I was a believer before I even tried it. You should SEE this woman's beautiful hair! It's natural and ALL hers! She said her secret was her very own product, so I ordered it immediately after I was able to afford it. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I just shampooed my hair and put this in and sat under my dryer for 15 min. By the time I rinsed it out, my hair was super soft and my curls did whatever I told them to. I'm using it religiously every week and I would LOVE to try the other products Courtney has out.


I received this package over a month ago and I wanted to use it a couple of times before I gave it a review. I have a combination of 3c & various degrees of 4s on my head & completely natural all around. 1st time I used it as directed without heat and it was Ok, not great. 2nd time I used as directed & added Argon oil with heat & it was GREAT. I think the heat made a difference for my hair. This is a staple in my regime now.

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