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MUST BE MAGIC “KAZAM! Popping Curls” H2O Adjustable Holding Gel

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237 ml/8 ounces

Designed for both hair and edges, this gel is formulated to adjust its strength with the power of water. Add more water to your hair during styling to minimize the hold, as more water dilutes the gel, OR use little to no water for supreme hold. Eliminates frizz, smooths the cuticle layer, and brings curls to life!

  • Alcohol-free, liquid gel
  • Provides magical definition and a customized hold with more or less water
  • Recommended for wash-n-gos, twist-outs, and braid-outs
  • Antioxidants help hair feel stronger and protected
  • Ideal for compromised hair

Directions : Use after Correcting Concealer Spray. Section clean, wet or damp hair. Apply a sufficient amount of gel to each section from root to end to set desired style. Air dry or for faster drying, sit under a dryer or blow dry.

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