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MUST BE MAGIC VOILA! More Powerful Drip” Spike It! Power Drip

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59 ml/2 ounces

Turn up the intensity of your conditioner or mask by adding a few drops of this "power drip". A concentrated formula infused with essential vitamins and nutrients that revitalize the scalp to promote stronger-feeling, healthier hair. Just SHAKE, DRIP & MIX!

  • Intensely nourishing hair and scalp oil, intended to "spike" (add drops to) any Must Be Magic! product
  • Antioxidants help hair feel stronger and protected
  • Ideal for compromised hair

Directions: Shake well before use. Choose any product (Shampoo, Mask etc.. ) Intensify the product by adding it to your palm along with approximately 10 – 20 drops of “Spike It”, Mix both together. Apply the mixture to hair as normal and complete process.

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